Back from the lost world of books…with new stuff…

So we did that disappearing act again. It was a busy month for the book biz – it has been good sales – Thank God!
Now we are back in cyberspace & i’m happy to show off several nice new things we have acquired in the last month 😉

My darling hubby – who was away in Canada for about 11 or 12 days in September – bought us a nice new laptop – it was cheap cheap in Canada – it’s what i’m using to write this blog now 😉 It’s an Acer Extensa 5620Z, with Windows Vista – interesting OS.
DH says it’s a belated anniversary present – our 6th! Can’t believe it has been 6 years already. Am happy 😉
Here’s a picture of it:

i treated myself & bought myself "funny shoes" @ half price – MBTs – Masia Barefoot Teachnology – they are supposed to mimic the way the Masai walk barefooted on natural ground – it’s good for your back, increased muscle work in legs, improved posture etc… check it out.
It took awhile to get used to walking in them – muscle fatigue in muscles of my legs, i never knew i had, for the 1st few days but it did my back good. Lessen back pain, more leg workout… are good results i can attest to. However, as i have a protruding bone in both my ankles (had this for as long as i can remember) – it gave me some pain – which i went to the local store to ask about today – the lady said i should have been prescribed custom insoles since i was a child & the bone will continue to stick out more & more till i get the insoles. It’s not as gross as it sounds. Anyhow, she sold me universal insoles & fitted them for me as my jaw dropped when she told me how much custom ones would cost. Though she said that health insurance would cover it – but i needed to get a prescription from my doctor – too much trouble in my mind. So another round of getting used to walking with these insoles or arch supports.
These are my MBTs:

i think they are the most "girlie" looking shoes i own besides heels which i almost never wear now.

Tobias also got new shoes (also @ half price – my friend took us to a big sports goods sales in Thun) – Crocs!
i’ve always wanted to gte him a pair but found them way too expensive – so since there was a sale i bought him a pair – but had to tell him that he can’t wear them outside now (too cold). He has taken to wearing them in the house though.
Here are his dark red Crocs:

Oh i also got new display stands for my book biz – they are made of cupboard, dismantled after each use, light & easy to carry around. Am really happy with them. Hmm…. i wonder – maybe i did write about them before – it’s been way too long since i last wrote. Maybe not?

We are off to the annual Swiss Toy Fair in Bern tomorrow – hopefully we don’t come home with more new stuff – don’t think DH would like it too much if we spend more – hhehheheee 😉

Well, that’s it for now – more soon.

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