Finally! The birthday photos…

Ok ok i know – this is way late to be posting Tobias’ Birthday photos – but there is good reason – i was waiting for all 3x parties to be done with to post all of them together – yes yes – he had 3x parties this year – but 1x major one & 2x really small ones so….
Anyhow, this will be a very photo-heavy post – so be warned!

Birthday Party No. 1 – at home with 4x little friends & their mums, on the actual day – 20th May 2008:
It was an Airplane themed party & mummy baked the cake & even tried her hand at decorating it herself this year – oooh so much work but it was fun putting it together – thot i must admit i was very stressed thru the process.

Here’s a photo of the basic fruit cake which will be covered in the next photo:

Here’s the cake covered with the icing & decorated – as you can see, the letters have gone funny – partly the very liquid writing icing & partly my bad estimation of available space – hahhahhaa 😉

Here’s the cake finished – with the final touch of the little red plane:

As it was an Airplane party, we had lots of airplanes flying around the house:

& of cos, here’s birthday boy with his windmill-airplane – he was thrilled to bits with it.

We also made little goodie bags & little take-home paper-planes on little stands for our little guests to take home.

Birthday Party No 2 – was at church, but it sort of became a non-event as i was so stressed over the Nasi Lemak going all wrong & people didn’t wait for the cake to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ – so when i did bring the cake out, no one paid attention to it – but never mind – Tobias loved this cake – it’s a Rescue Vehicles cake.

Here he is eagerly waiting to get his hands on the decoration toys.

Birthday Party No 3 – was at Tobias’ daycare – i had planned it for the 19th May but the teachers said better on the Friday afternoon (23rd) – then Tobias fell sick that day & had to come home from Daycare at lunchtime – so then it was postpone another week & we finally had it last Friday afternoon (30th).
It was a lovely simple garden party.

No cake picture for this one as the cake was already cut & eaten by the time i got there. But for those interested, it was a simple lemon sponge cake, decorated with chocolate rice. Also baked by mummy – but it was mostly out of a pack so it was little effort there.

Well, all that’s over now – we get back to normalcy? … don’t think so … we’ve had people over for dinner every week since the start of May & now have Walter’s Spanish colleague staying with us till he finds an apartment & will be expecting more visitors at the end of June – on top of all that, Walter will be away for 1x month as of this Sunday – sob sob… so… well, we’ll cope – i guess.

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