Hubby went to the ER today …

Yep, he did – what happened? you ask

Well, Thursday is the 1x day of the week we get up extra early as Tobias & myself attend BSF which starts at 9am & is about 35mins away – so Walter normally takes the bus (in bad weather) or takes his bike – seeing it is late Spring, weather has been quite good – he said he’ll take the bike. So we left & went for class & at about 1230pm got an sms saying he had an accident with the bike, had to have 2x stitches at the hospital but is ok. Of cos, being the worrying wife that i am, i rang back at once – just to assure myself that he’s fine.
He said he was trying to adjust something on the bike while still on the bike, so he only had 1x hand on the handlebar & … the rest of the story takes place in the hospital. He rang a colleague who lived nearby, who took him to the hospital. He isn’t badly hurt – just very scratched up! Have a look for yourself…

The doc says he’ll survive & need stitches removed next week – sigh! All this happened less than 100m from our home!

Over dinner with some friends tonight (Yep, we still had guests over! – we couldn’t cancel – it was a real Italian offering to cook us Italian food – yummy!) – anyhow, we were of cos talking about it & guess what – this is Walter 1st visit to the ER, here in Switzerland, as a patient. All previous times we visited the ER it was either cos of me or Tobias – so as a family, we paid our dues to the ER department – hahhahahaa 😉

Well, off to do some work now. The poor guy has dozed off watching telly.

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