The Different Sounds of Switzerland…

This past Sunday after church, we went to the LUGA – which is like a country fair, with all the rides (ferriswheel, trains, coasters etc…) & games (fishing, darts etc…), all the food (sausages, cotton candy – my fav! – etc…) & of cos choirs singing, performances & the kids’ favourite – animals! Each big town has it’s own version of this country fair – Solothurn has it in Autumn, called the HESO.

While there i managed to capture 2x very different sounds:

The beautiful sound of the Alphorn:

The loud sounds of piglets feeding:

Actually, i was hoping for mooing cows but the cows were very silent – hmmm… so pigs is what i got.
i never knew piglets could be so very loud – they were all rushing to feed & of cos finally mummy-pig had enough & got up & away – but the persistent little piglets kept on & they are ooohhhhh….. so cute!

This is what i love about living here – we get to be so close to the animals – of cos Tobias got to pet animals too – it’s such a wonderful experience for him & with each successive time – he gets more & more confident & loves it more & more 😉 He would not get such opportunities so often in Singapore.


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