What has Tobias been up to…

Learning to shave??!! hehhehee 😉

Making an artistic impression…

Being a sandwich or Hot Dog ;p

Decorating his room window with the Thomas the Tank Engine stickers which Gonggong bought for him in Singapore.

Oh & the very latest (no pics) – Tobias has started Chinese class here in Switzerland. He seems to like it. He is not used to being in a proper class so was in a sort of play mood when he 1st got to the class – also he already knew some kids who are attending the class as well, he particularly likes Hugo – but he has never had a proper class with Hugo before – it has always been a playdate with Hugo – so the both of them (the 2x newest in the class) started playing & talking – much to the teacher’s displeasure, being Chinese & straightforward, when they came out for their break, she immediately put it very plainly to me & Hugo’s mum that they are not behaving & should be told to behave. (i do miss that straightforwardness & seriousiness with learning to some extend – hehhee ;p) i explained to the teacher that Tobias is playful & needs a strong hand but i did also very sternly warn Tobias that he is to behave as this is a serious class. So that’s what filled most of the 30mins break they had. The second half of the class went quite well – so we’re happy 🙂 i think it went quite well considering it was a 1.5 hrs of actual class time. Now he can read 3x words – yi, er, san. We’ll work on the rest this coming week – i hope.


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