Long awaited photos …

So way back in September 2007 (yep, that’s last year – i said i would post some photos from our trip to Scotland.

Now we went for my cousin’s wedding so rightly here’s a picture of the happy couple:
Val & Mark

& of cos Tobias made a wonderful little friend – Roo, here they are jumping on the trampolin:
Tobias' Friend Roo

& u know the story of the Bagpiper – the mice & children all followed him – well, we followed one to the wedding 😉

This is Scotland’s National Flower – Thistle:
Scottish National Flower

& of cos we went to the famous Loch Ness:
Loch Ness
But if u ask me, there are more beautiful things in Scotland.

Here’s what they think Nessie looks like:
We found out all the myths behind Nessie at the Visitor’s Centre – very interesting stuff & well presented too.

Here’s Tobias asleep in the car (he did amazingly well considering there was a lot of time spent driving around!
Tobias Asleep in Car

& i leave you with a poor representation of the wonderful & mysterious Scottish Highland (u really have to go there & see it for yourself!):
Mysterious Highland

Well, while thots are on travel – we are off to Singapore in 14 days!
So to our friends in Singapore – we’ll see u soon.

PS: Mood has to do with the fact that LiveJournal has changed the way we upload photos & now we have to upload to external site & then copy the link, & then still have to re-size each image – sigh!

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