We’re back…

It has been almost a month since our last post – now what have we been up to!! Well, quite a bit.
We’ve been to 1x birthday party (may post about that later), preparing for my brother’s visit (see here for the excitement about it), then we had lots of people around for the 1st of August (Swiss National Day), immediately after which, on 2nd August my brother arrived & we’ve been travelling around with him on top of our normal daily/weekly stuff we do – so it has been a busy time but a very nice time too 😉

So what have we done with my brother since he got here 2x weeks ago? Well, i’ll give a short summary here & i’ll sort thru the photos & put them up later (likely lots later).

We’ve been up to Pilatus (mountain in Luzern, rode the Rodelbahn – summer sledding), Bern (capital), on the Chocolate Train (ate lots of chocolate in a very very short time), Thun (nice little town on a beautiful river, visited the castle there), to Island Mainau (Germany, on Lake Constance), to visit Castle Lenzburg & just went up to a car-less village called Murren today (where Walter finally managed to visit an old friend of his Dad’s).

When my brother 1st got here, he couldn’t get over how quiet it was – he even asked for the TV to be put on just for the sound it gives – hahahha 😉 Now he is so taken in by how beautiful everything is, especially the mountains & the great cool weather – he hates the heat so this has been great for him. Don’t know how he will cope when he gets back to Singapore.

He’s got 2x more weeks – he still wants to see snow & wants to do lots more – so there’ll be more to tell – but that’s all from me for now – my tummy is acting up – not sure why. It does this every now & again – so… my mother would say it’s the body’s way of doing a major clean-out 😦


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