The after effects of the hail

So more about the hail – exchanging notes about it with neighbours today – some said they know people with dents on their cars. i didn’t see much damage other than the batted trees & plants – the bad corn fields look really sad now – some are so torn that they look as if it’s just the stalk of the plant left. Then a neighbour highlighted to me that her shutters have lots of dents in them – i check ours & true enough there were the dents!! i tried to get a good picture of the dents but they all didn’t turn out well. So here are more pics about the hail itself.

Here’s one which shows how much had fallen:

This one shows the average size of the hail (so ok i exaggerated a little yesterday 😉

Here’s the pile up round the corner of our apartment:

More later … i will explain in my next post why the mood star shows what it shows.

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