Happy May Day & i’m in Business!!!

Happy May day to all those who got a holiday from it. As i understand it, May Day is to celebrate/reward the Labour (working people) – which is why some places call it Labour Day. My darling husband didn’t get a May Day – he had to work in UK & is on his way home now.

Now for some exciting news which i have been holding in for some time – till it actually happened – well, it has happened!! i’m in business! – Yep, little o’me. What business? Well, take a guess – if u know me well, u might come close to getting it right.

i’m in the book business now – it’s a home business, being a rep for a publisher – Usborne Books at Home.

Basically, i let people know that i have English books for children (birth to teens) for sale & they either come & have a look at the samples/catalogues or check the website (my personal one is Not Yet set up – i’ll let u guys know once that’s up) – then they place orders thru me. People can host Book Parties too – they get free books worth a percent of the sales. i can also approach schools – if i can find any which are interested.

Why do business? Well, i always wanted to do some sort of work while here – but my German is not good enough to work in a similar job to what i had before. So do something on my own was the next option.

Why this business? Well, i LOVE books & it’s hard & expensive to get good english books here – especially for kids – so let’s get some for ourselves & make a little on the side too 😉

i’ve been a rep – officially since middle of April – but haven’t really done much yet. Pray that i get going & for wisdom to do business & of cos keep proper accounts.

i’m a little peeved cos it was just announced by the company that it would cost nothing for people joining today – 1st May & all through out May & June – the price of joining up goes up by £1 everyday – sigh! Should have waited – but it’s ok – i’m sure God has a plan as to why i joined in April.


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