All better …

Thanks to everyone who showed their care & concern about Tobias & of cos for praying.

He’s now well – actually he recovered quite fast once the vomiting was stopped with a change of medication from our regular doctor. – Praise God!!! The docs said that it would take 4 to 7 days to recover – but he had to energy to do some reading by the end of the 2nd day – by the end of the 3rd day he was playing just fine. He is currently (excuse the language) farting a lot – & today he had diarrhoea – we think he might still be battling the residue virus – but he is fine, no fever, even his coughing has stopped.

Just a little comment on the beautiful weather we are having – almost 3x weeks now, we’ve had temperatures above 20, reaching 25 even. It has been sunny, mostly without a cloud in the blue sky  – this is supposed to be Spring, not yet Summer. Some say that Winter hardly came & Spring just whizzed by & now we have the beginnings of Summer. But i must say we do need a little rain – all that nice new grass is actually going a bit brown now. Besides, i’m sure the farmers would appreciate some rain.

That’s it for now.

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