No Snow!!

If u are wondering how the 1st snow day of the season went last saturday – it went ok – i think Tobias had fun .  But the snow was not really nice – it was cruchy snow – not good to make snowballs at all – i was trying to teach Tobias how to make one but the snow didn’t stick together. & Walter said even high up where he went snowboarding wasn’t nice either. So we have cancelled plans for this coming sat, considering that the snow on our little mountain has melted away already within 1x week!! i have been told that this is likely the warmest winter in 400 years!

Oh, a friend (u know who u are) asked that there should be more photos of mummy – she asked this knowing full well that i dislike photos of myself – sigh! so here’s one for u, my dear friend:

Mummy & Tobias lying in the snow.

Oh, talking about no snow (in case anyone is interested, there is snow, just not enough to stay at lower levels & not enough to make nice skiing or snowboarding unless u go above 2000m or higher even) – thot there is no snow on the mountains – a mountain resort here put something else on their mountain face – check it out. i’m not sure i agree with the whole arguement about light pollution but i can see where they are coming from & i completely agree that it will affect the animal life there. So what do u think?


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