Bloggers for a year!!!

Tomorrow marks 1 YEAR since we started this blog – Happy 1-year to us!

i’m celebrating tonight cos i won’t get to blog tomorrow – we are off for our 1st snow day of the season. There has been snow on top of our little mountain for most of the week now – so we think it’s safe to go & enjoy the snow now. Besides, i think my darling hubby would not be able to wait any longer – hehhehe 😉

As part of my celebrations, i would like to share a wonderful blog which i stumbled upon a few weeks ago & have been faithfully following since. It’s called Stay-at-Home Motherdom. i have been most encouraged by what this lovely mom has shared – she has shared herself to the world of blogging & has encouraged many, including myself. So check it out.

Well, have to go pick hubby up from train station soon.  He comes home tonight & tomorrow we hit the slopes!

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