Latest Stats about Tobias

So it’s time again for the stats update.
We went to the Mutterberatung on Friday so here’s what was recorded this time:
Tobias, at 23months 22days, measured 90cm tall, weighed 13.7kg & is in the 75% for his age in terms of height & weight.

Everyone has been telling us that we must remember to measure at 2years so we would know his final height – it’s supposed to be (Height at 2years X 2 = Final Height). So this makes Tobi’s final height at 180cm – we’ll have to wait another 16years at least to find out if this is true – so stay tuned 😉

i think that Tobias has ingrowing toenails – it runs on my side of the family, both myself & my bro have it. Tobi hates to get his toenails trimmed, he cries. He’s really good about the fingernails – he’ll put his hand out & watch me trim them. But toenails!! no way!!! He now has a little hard patch of skin just below the corner of the right side of his left big toe – it seems to be growing (has been there for a couple of weeks now). The nurse said we should keep an eye on it, if it gets painful or red or grows fast, we need to go to the doc – otherwise she thinks it might go away on its own – she has no idea what it is exactly – mainly cos Tobi refused to let her have a good look & she didn’t want him crying so didn’t force the issue. Let’s pray that all is well & trimming his toenails will get easier.

Here’s a pic of cool boy with his cool daddy:

We are both waiting for Walt to get back tomorrow morning.

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