Preparing for Potty Training

We have began preparations for potty training. Not really potty training yet – just intorducing Tobias to the idea of going to the toilet & using his toilet seat (potty).

Here’s some pics of the preparations:
Here Tobias is trying on his “Big Boy Pants”

Here Tobias is sitting on his “potty”, with his pants on, just to get used to the idea of sitting there.

Doesn’t he look cute in his underwear & sitting on the toilet?? hehehee 😉

When we started this on Thursday, Tobias was really excited & we were really excited too. Within a couple of hours, he was quite happy to sit without his pants & diapers on. But i think we pushed too hard – wanted him to sit too long, trying to wait for something to come out – he got scared. So now we are back to just getting used to the idea of the “potty”.

i just pray i have the patience to see this through.

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