More about Tobi

It has been a while since our last post – so what’s been up??
Well, we’ve been trying to settle back into our routine here in cold cold Switzerland. Oh,ok it’s now not all that cold cold anymore – just windchill is hard to bear sometimes. Temps are around 7 to 10 so not really warm (to me anyhows). Really wish Spring would hurry & get here! Had lots of housework to catch up on & of cos emails too (even with checking periodically in Singapore didn’t help lower the load too much). & of cos we also had to change classes for Gymboree. & then there is some stuff happening at church too. So we’ve been busy.

Now to Tobi – he… well, he is not 100% – for our christian friends please pray that for a 100% restoration of his health – his little penis is painful – has been for the last 2 weeks – we’ve seen the doc twice already & he says to wait & see cos this sort of thing normally heals itself (a very Swiss doctor type thing to say – they are very much into the body healing itself). It does seem to have improved a little – so we’ll be waiting another week to see how it goes.

Now to more cheerful stuff – here’s a photo of Tobi with one of his “galfriends”:

Naomi & Tobias walking back from lunch on a Sunday.
Naomi is such a little cutie – parents are Swiss & Thai so she got the best of both worlds – don’t you agree?

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