Answered Prayers

Yippee!!! We finally got a positive reply today from the airline & now Tobi & myself will be able to fly back to Switzerland on 3rd March as we had planned! Thank God for answered prayers!!! & thanks to all our friends who were praying too.
Another answered prayer was for our health – both of us are well on the road to recovery!
This afternoon i went down to the airline office, determined to get some sort of reply & to get the best possible plan of action in. So you could say i was only half hopeful! Oh me of little faith!! The lady who helped us today was very business-like but nice – she called the “seat controllers” but they were in a meeting – so she left a message for them & promised to give me a call by the end of the business day. When we left, i was feeling down at the thought of having to come down again the next day to sort this out. Once again, Oh me of little faith! Within 5 mins of us leaving the airline office, the lady rang us & said we have confirmation for the flight on Friday & if we could come back & collect the acknowledgment slip!! i was so happy – i literally jumped up & down for a few minutes after we collected the slip!!!
God answers prayers – big ones & small ones & medium size ones!!

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