Answered Prayers

Yippee!!! We finally got a positive reply today from the airline & now Tobi & myself will be able to fly back to Switzerland on 3rd March as we had planned! Thank God for answered prayers!!! & thanks to all our friends who were praying too.
Another answered prayer was for our health – both of us are well on the road to recovery!
This afternoon i went down to the airline office, determined to get some sort of reply & to get the best possible plan of action in. So you could say i was only half hopeful! Oh me of little faith!! The lady who helped us today was very business-like but nice – she called the “seat controllers” but they were in a meeting – so she left a message for them & promised to give me a call by the end of the business day. When we left, i was feeling down at the thought of having to come down again the next day to sort this out. Once again, Oh me of little faith! Within 5 mins of us leaving the airline office, the lady rang us & said we have confirmation for the flight on Friday & if we could come back & collect the acknowledgment slip!! i was so happy – i literally jumped up & down for a few minutes after we collected the slip!!!
God answers prayers – big ones & small ones & medium size ones!!

Ill in Singapore

Yes, as the subject line states – we, meaning Tobias & myself, (Walter is already back in Switzerland),are both ill now.
i had strange one-off symptoms since the 2nd week we were here & then got the full-blown flu a few days ago. Last night, Tobi had a high fever & cough, so we visited the doc today. He is on meds & was doing better (thot still slight fever) till dinner time. He was happily eating & had almost finished his dinner when he coughed too hard & threw-up his whole dinner. Sigh! He was cleaned up & given a bottle of milk & then some rest time & then meds & then off to bed he went. He’s sleeping now & fever has subsided, which is good. He seemed so much better after throwing up – my mummy says it’s cos all the phlegm he had in him had mostly been expelled along with the food he threw-up. Let’s pray so & then he’ll be well by the morning.
Myself?? – well, i’m on the road to recovery already so it is ok for me now. i have not been so ill since … i think about 1 1/2 – 2 years ago. It is great having my mummy around to help out & say reassuring things like: “He’ll be better now that he has thrown up.” Thank God for Mummies!!
i remember when Tobi was seriously ill for the first time – it was scary watching a little person throw-up so much stuff – it was like a fountain – oops! i better not get too graphic with the details of how ill he was – but i have learnt from that & am now better prepared when he becomes ill.

On another topic, i’m highly frustrated with airlines & their booking systems – i won’t say which one – most people who read this know that we fly this airline all the time – so are very loyal customers! i would think that has it rewards but… & they are normally a great airline to fly with …well,… the whole story is as follows:
We had to book my ticket separately from Tobias’ as mine is a redemption ticket & his a commercial paid ticket – so mine booking was done over the internet & his had to be done over the phone as he is a child under 2 years. At the time of booking, we could not get both tickets to be confirmed for the same return flight. We rang & consulted the reservations office in Zurich – the lady said that cos our intended return date is a little more than a month away, she was quite confident that if we went on the waiting list then, we would be able to get the seats we wanted. So we did. But now it seems that we can’t. i have called & have also visited the office personally – they have red-flagged our case & concerns but can only reply on Monday. & we were told on Saturday that the earliest confirmed date of departure we could get was 19th March & that there was nothing from now till then!! They are booked solid for the next 2 weeks!! That’s just not believable!! Not only that – if i wanted to change my departure date, i had to do it by Monday for my ticket & that there maybe a penalty fee to change Tobi’s!!! SIGH! We have things we need to get back to in Switzerland!!
Now we are just praying really hard that we get good news tomorrow afternoon that we can both fly out of Singapore on 3rd March 2006!