Tobi sang a Chinese Song!!

Well, nice to see that a few have come & had a read & left their mark.

Tobi sang his 1st Chinese Song today – he has sung in chinese before – but never a whole song & never on his own. Today while waiting for our turn at the Mutterberatung (Mothers Service/Office – a place where they check & measure your kid for free & give whatever advice u might need), it was a really long wait (more than 1hr), Tobi sat on a ride-around car & sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in Chinese, the whole song, by himself. i was going to type out the words in HanYuPinYin – but they didn’t have it on the VCD so … i’m too lazy to try & pin all the words out. You will just have to wait to hear it for yourselves then 😉

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