Resolutions Anyone?

It is a tradition – well, almost a tradition, depending on where you stand on making New Year’s Resolutions…

i’m not one for making resolutions; i used to, but i found myself disappointed with myself rather too quickly at not being able to keep them.

However, i found myself thinking about it when the clock chimed 12 midnight on 31st Dec and 2011 became 2012. And then again yesterday in the car, on the way to church.


i look back on 2011 and am very grateful for it, even the low points. But i realised that there was something missing – something which i have always missed since moving to a country where the lingua franca is not my mother tongue. i missed having meaningful conversations – conversations which moved me and the other person in deeper ways than just a chitchat about the weather or the children’s school day or where they were going for the next holiday. i want to be able to speak about matters which makes my heart beat and my mind soar; to share my strange ideas with another person besides my husband, who has been wonderful about listening to me jabber away but is a man of few words, which is not a bad thing; he has taught me to listen more and speak when it truly does matter. Nevertheless, i am a woman who loves to talk so that’s what i miss; someone to share insane thoughts with, to discuss issues with, to laugh about the stresses of the day with – to have meaningful conversations. Not just once in a few months but at least weekly.

Please do not be mistaken and think that i do not have friends here. i do and i do have good friends but they live a fair distance away and we don’t see each other very often. And the women i got to know who do live in my neighbourhood all speak either Swiss or German or Italian or French; and culturally we seem to have such different reference points that an eloquent, substantial exchange is just not easy. It is just not the same expressing myself in a foreign tongue. True, i do speak enough of the language now but still that level of communication i desire is not yet within reach.

So that’s my resolution for 2012 – to have more meaningful conversations with the women who live in my neighbourhood. This is not something i feel i can do by myself so i ask that God would help me to have these meaningful conversations in 2012. It may not sound like a resolution when i’m asking for divine help – of course i will work at it but i just know i need that little exact hand so God help me here. Thanks.

What are your new year resolutions?


Daddy Moments…

…this is one of those…

Look at the seriousness with which they are tackling the task of building their very first model plane together 😉

My dad – Tobias' granddad – had bought a couple of model plane kits for him cos my brother had a few and Tobias would like one too. The plan had been that my dad would build it with Tobias while we were in Singapore. However, as it turned out, between our many appointments and my dad working, there wasn't time. But it was decided that it was better this way cos that made them easier to carry home, instead of having to fear them breaking while en route, we simply packed them in their boxes into our suitcases.

The basic body of the plane has been finished but they are still adding little bits (decals) here and there so there is not yet a completed plane to be photographed. But they enjoyed working on it greatly.

I could have done it with him too – making it a mummy/son project. But I know I'm just not as good and I wasn't sure about which decals went where – the instructions were not exact on this point.

There was another reason why this became a daddy/son project – it just seemed like a father/son thing – don't you think so? This always makes me wonder about the question of how little boys wanna be like their daddy and little girls like their mummy. Is it genetics or more than that?

Even though Tobias spends more time with me, (just because daddy works away from home a fair bit), he still loves and sometimes even prefers to spend time with his daddy. He likes a lot of the same things which daddy likes. He is a daddy's boy 🙂


Being a Mummy … changes that happen …

i, Mummy, had alone time today – a few hours alone without hubby & son. i started needing this after more than a year of being mummy 24/7. i never really needed this alone time before – that’s Change No. 1.
Change No. 2. – i spent time today shopping alone & guess what i was shopping for … baby stuff!!
Change No. 3. – a warm & fuzzy feeling comes over me when i see my hubby carrying my sleeping son, walking towards me. A feeling that never existed before.

We, Mummy & Daddy, have always tried to make a point that having baby will not vastly change our lifestyles but these changes do happen, not all are desirable, but definitely they are not completely bad – esp. the ones mentioned above. The changes remind one that, “Hey, things now have to include a little person.” & Change No. 3. i think is one of the best parts.

To all tired mums & mums-to-be … think warm fuzzy thots … all is a phase, it will pass … they are angels, at times 😉 … it will all be worth it (esp. when they have babies of their own – my mum said this to me countless times & i finally understand!)