Kempt – The Phone Stack

Phone stack
Photo Stack - Image by Roo Reynolds via Flickr

Oooh… this is an excellent idea! i really wish i could implement this at home too… for hubby who is constantly connected or should i say 24/7 available to customers… sigh! Actually, i would like to create a stack for all electronic devices, put a ban on connectivity, just for that hour, so we can savour The Joy Of Quiet

Kempt – The Phone Stack.

While i agree that technology & all these wonderful little devices have made keeping in touch so much easier (something i am most grateful for since we are far from family & close friends). It has also made leaving work harder. It has reduce the significance of face to face communication for some people. We are losing skills here – skills like making small talk, looking people in the eye when speaking with them. Fewer persons can engage in meaningful conversations without a GUI (Graphic User Interface).

i am guilty of too much screen-time as much as the next person. Which is why i think to disconnect once in a while is a fantastic thing & i believe that dinner time is the excellent time to disconnect. EAT in my dictionary stands for Eat And Talk. So we should do that & no more Eat And Text 😉

Wishing you a peaceful time of disconnect.


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