Book Review: The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman

I was so excited to read this second book in the Thursday Murder Club series. By now, I feel that Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron are like family to me. Richard Osman has done so well in endearing each character to my heart.

In this second book, things get more serious as Elizabeth’s past catches up with her. An old colleague of hers is in trouble and is asking her for help. He’s made a terrible mistake, crossed the wrong person, and now chose to hide at the Coopers Chase Retirement Village. There are diamonds, a violent mobster, and a local drug dealer involved as well. All these elements come with the full attention of the local police as well as the government department Elizabeth used to work for.

There are some heartbreaking moments as well as some heartwarming ones. But the action and mystery never stop. The very readable writing style and humour worked their magic to draw me further into the story. The numerous twists in the story kept me turning the pages.

I love how we get to know more about Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron, which made me care for them even more. I have become slightly protective of them, even.

I have deliberately kept as many details as possible out of this review so that you can enjoy them for yourselves. Osman’s Thursday Murder Club does not disappoint. I highly recommend reading this book, even if you haven’t read the first one. So have a read and let me know what you think.

Happy Reading!
Here’s my review of the first book in the Thursday Murder Club series.
Looking forward to reading the third book next.


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