Book Review: The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman

I was so excited to read this second book in the Thursday Murder Club series. By now, I feel that Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron are like family to me. Richard Osman has done so well in endearing each character to my heart.

In this second book, things get more serious as Elizabeth’s past catches up with her. An old colleague of hers is in trouble and is asking her for help. He’s made a terrible mistake, crossed the wrong person, and now chose to hide at the Coopers Chase Retirement Village. There are diamonds, a violent mobster, and a local drug dealer involved as well. All these elements come with the full attention of the local police as well as the government department Elizabeth used to work for.

There are some heartbreaking moments as well as some heartwarming ones. But the action and mystery never stop. The very readable writing style and humour worked their magic to draw me further into the story. The numerous twists in the story kept me turning the pages.

I love how we get to know more about Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron, which made me care for them even more. I have become slightly protective of them, even.

I have deliberately kept as many details as possible out of this review so that you can enjoy them for yourselves. Osman’s Thursday Murder Club does not disappoint. I highly recommend reading this book, even if you haven’t read the first one. So have a read and let me know what you think.

Happy Reading!
Here’s my review of the first book in the Thursday Murder Club series.
Looking forward to reading the third book next.


Book Review: The Thursday Murder Club, Book #1 by Richard Osman

I have to admit it: I totally picked this book up because I have watched Richard Osman quite a bit on quiz shows on British TV and liked his personality on TV. While I have read quite a number of crime novels (Patrick Cornwall, John Grisham, etc), it has been a long time since I picked one out to read, so it was sort of his celebrity status that made me buy this book.

I was not disappointed. I absolutely LOVED it! It’s a great story; well-written with a good balance of mystery and clues, a good dash of British humour, and many heartwarming moments with an insight into the retired mindset as well as a fabulous cast of characters.

Elizabeth is the leader of the pack, Ron, the one with a famous son, is the loud outspoken trouble-maker, Ibrahim, the psychiatrist, is the quiet voice of calm, and Joyce, the new addition, is the enthusiastic follower. They all have their stories and their past which we get to know bits and pieces of throughout the book.

They all live in a retirement village, quite a posh place, and pass their time solving cold cases which they have access to because Penny, Elizabeth’s best friend, was a detective in her previous life. But Penny is no longer able to be a part of The Thursday Murder Club but the others carry on.

Excitement enters their lives in the form of the murder of the man who is the builder of their beautiful retirement village. A real-life case – The Thursday Murder Club is on the case, much to the dismay of the local police.

Elizabeth, Ron, Ibrahim and Joyce might be retired and have about 30 decades between them but drawing on their great life experiences and previous work expertise, they definitely make quite the formidable team.

As the story goes on, more than one murder is revealed but is the same person responsible for all these murders? I love the layers Osman has worked into the plot and how wonderfully connected almost everything and everyone is. And skillfully interwoven into all of these are the personal stories of the characters. It’s really quite clever.

I also really like the writing style and how there’s a first-person narrative in the form of Joyce’s diary which breaks up the third-person accounts very nicely. It’s lovely to read Joyce’s observations of the various characters and situations with a nice little surprise at the end which I had not expected her to speak about.

There is a sneak peek chapter into the next book at the end of this first one. I am so getting the second and third books. I hope this review has done this superb novel and the delightful cast of characters justice.

Oh, and I have read that Steve Spielberg has bought the film rights to The Thursday Murder Club so I am looking forward to watching that when it comes out.

Happy reading!