Happy World Down Syndrome Day!…

i have always noticed children, especially children who are different, all throughout my growing up years and more so now. i have always been attracted to these children and that has not changed.

A number of years ago, I was introduced into the heart-breaking yet amazingly loving world of special needs orphans and it was through an organisation which was started by a lady who realised that her own son who has Down Syndrome is so lucky to be born where he was because there were countries where these beautiful children were abandoned, just for having that extra chromosome.

Yet for having that extra chromosome, whatever they may lack in mental and social skills, it is truly made up for by the super-loving and caring nature of these radiant souls who carry so much love inside of them, they simply overflow with it.

Watch this video! i was so moved by the love expressed by these mothers for their brilliant children.

The children in the video are so loved but there are many more in developing countries who are not loved, not cared for as they should be. Reece’s Rainbow is an organisation which does it’s best to highlight the needs of these special needs orphans, many with Down Syndrome as well as with other needs.

Today is the last day of 21 Days of Hope fundraiser by Reece’s Rainbow to raise funds for a child of the day and for their older child adoption grant pot which goes to help families give these orphans a loving home they so deserve. Do hop over and give a little. Thank you.


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