Happy World Down Syndrome Day!…

i have always noticed children, especially children who are different, all throughout my growing up years and more so now. i have always been attracted to these children and that has not changed.

A number of years ago, I was introduced into the heart-breaking yet amazingly loving world of special needs orphans and it was through an organisation which was started by a lady who realised that her own son who has Down Syndrome is so lucky to be born where he was because there were countries where these beautiful children were abandoned, just for having that extra chromosome.

Yet for having that extra chromosome, whatever they may lack in mental and social skills, it is truly made up for by the super-loving and caring nature of these radiant souls who carry so much love inside of them, they simply overflow with it.

Watch this video! i was so moved by the love expressed by these mothers for their brilliant children.

The children in the video are so loved but there are many more in developing countries who are not loved, not cared for as they should be. Reece’s Rainbow is an organisation which does it’s best to highlight the needs of these special needs orphans, many with Down Syndrome as well as with other needs.

Today is the last day of 21 Days of Hope fundraiser by Reece’s Rainbow to raise funds for a child of the day and for their older child adoption grant pot which goes to help families give these orphans a loving home they so deserve. Do hop over and give a little. Thank you.


World Down Syndrome Day!…

On the World Down Syndrome Day website, it says it’s an hour twenty minutes till the start of WDSD 2015!


Just a few years ago, this day did not hold much significance to me. i knew it existed and what it was for but it wasn’t personal. Now it is. Because God opened my eyes to the world of special needs orphans, through the ministry of Reece’s Rainbow, which started because of a mother’s love for her boy with Down Syndrome and her love for orphans with the same condition but without the support of a loving family like her son.

Now at the beginning of March, Reece’s Rainbow started its special fundraiser, 21 Days of Hope, which raises money to help them have funds to continue to help these precious children who need to be given a voice. We were funding raising for Reece’s Rainbow Voice of Hope Fund as well as for the adoption grants of 21 specific children.¬†

And we did it! You did it! You helped! You gave! And the target was met and each of those 21 children got an additional US$2100 into their adoption grants. This will so help their forever families when they come for them. THANK YOU!

Now please check out how you can continue to help build awareness for World Down Syndrome Day here!

Please continue to support Reece’s Rainbow‘s work as well as the orphans they try to help.

Please continue to pray for these orphans and share their stories and need for a family with everyone you know.

Thank you!


World Down Syndrome Day 2013…

wdsd_20130321i didn’t know what to write about for this year’s WDSD (World Down Syndrome Day) but a new online friend, who also happens to live in the same country and share the same passion for helping orphans with special needs wrote such a lovely post that i’m going to cheat and re-post her blog-post here, at least some of it. She is Ma Rose over at Swissmaman (A European Robin’s Joy-filled Nest).

She has 4 cousins with Down Syndrome so she knows it and she knows what she is talking about – another reason why i’m quoting her today (she has experience and therefore authority behind her words):

…People with DS can live a full, meaningful and happy life, as the WDSD video well proves, they may not become totally independent like you and me but does that mean they have nothing to contribute? Does that mean they will be miserable all their life? Or a vegetable like a doctor told my friend? I don’t think so!!!

I hope the word will get out there. I hope people, here in Switzerland, as well as in the whole world, will change their perception of the worth and potential of those sweet kids. I hope that more will be allowed to be born, to be a cherished and respected part of society and help make the world a better place!

Children with DS do not belong in mental institutions, warehouses really, where they wait for death (if you want to learn more about it check out those two blogs: here and here for example), or in the trash where they end up after being torn out of the comfortable bubble of their mama’s womb… Sorry if this is a little graphic, but let’s face it, let’s face reality: abortion is not pretty, it is not easy as people would have us believe, abortion is not more than a medically performed murder and it is certainly not according to God’s plan. These precious children of God belong in families! And as the wonderful people at Reece’s Rainbow (an association who works to gather funds to help children with DS and other disabilities be adopted into families) say: “Every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome”!!!…

Please go here to read her whole post and watch the video.

Happy WDSD! Go celebrate it by finding out more about Down Syndrome (if you don’t already), giving towards the relevant Down Syndrome ¬†organisation in your city or to a child with DS on Reece’s Rainbow. Thank you.