Lessons from My Garden…

i have been gardening… and a couple of weeks ago, against the better advice of experienced gardeners, i allowed my OCB self to convince me into uprooting a young pumpkin plant and re-planting it further along the plot.

You see, i got these 3 pumpkin plants as a group from an experienced gardener who grew them lovingly from seed. They were all in the same pot when they came to me, i thought i will not risk splitting them up. So i popped them into the ground as they were, roots all entangled and everything. And they GREW!

lessonfrommygarden20160708aFrom the above picture, taken at the start of June, they have more than tripled in size. So you can see that the left side was getting crowded and if they grow some more and start fruiting…

Anyhow, i decided (yes, against better advice) to make the plot bigger and move the biggest one to the right.


It did not like it one bit, being taken away from its brother and sister, and being uprooted and moved. It went all brown, the leaves dried up and the flowers wilted and looked like it would not make it.

BUT i decided to try my best and care for it; i talked to it, encouraged it, loving gave it water and fertilisers. And LOOK!

lessonfrommygarden20160708bIt has come back; it has produced a lovely yellow flower and new leaves. i decided to leave its brown and dead bits because firstly, i don’t want to traumatise it further and secondly, it is a good reminder of what this little pumpkin plant went through to get to where it is today with its pretty flower and fresh new leaves.

This whole experience made me think about the orphans i advocate for – for DEAN, whom we pray for daily and wait expectantly for a family to come for him, for DENNY, who is my Orphan of the Month and we also wait expectantly for a family for him.

These children have gone through so much more than my little pumpkin plant. Yet time and again, i hear and see evidence given by adoptive families that LOVE can make a DIFFERENCE! They tell amazing stories of how their adopted children grow and change and blossom!

While adoption is not on the cards for my family at the moment, we love these children from afar and advocate for them; hoping and praying for a loving family to be brave and step up for them because we know they are beautiful children and they will bloom under caring parents, just like my pumpkin plant did.

So please join me in praying for these children, especially for DEAN and DENNY. Join me in sharing their stories across social media so that more can help, and who knows among those you know maybe the family for these boys.

You can click on their names to go to their profile pages on Reece’s Rainbow.

Thank you.


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