21 Days of Hope – Reece’s Rainbow…

i had every intention of writing this post last week but got caught out with work and didn’t get round to it. And i am sorry.

Reece’s Rainbow is a wonderful non-profit organisation, run by volunteers, which provide a voice for special needs orphans who are unable to speak for themselves. They champion the needs of these precious children, especially their need for a caring family to love these kids just as they are, to see these children for the wonderful people they could become if given the best opportunities.

In the 10 years Reece’s Rainbow has been in operation, they have highlighted the plight of many special needs orphans in countries which don’t have the infrastructure to support them, they have built awareness of the fact that some of these children live in terrible conditions, most of all they have helped over 2000 orphans find a family to call their own. They have helped adopting families by giving out over US$11.5 million to make their journey to bringing these kids home easier.

Every year from March 1st to 21st, they have a special fundraising drive to raise the money they need to continue their daily operations. Please remember that they are all volunteers and this amount of US$21,000 they raise is just for administration costs.

This year, they have fallen short of their daily US$1000 over 21 days target. Can you help them make it up? The work they do is so good and important, please help them. You can make a difference!

Click here to give and read more about the work they do. There’s just 3 more days to go in this campaign!

Thank you very much.


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