Orphan of the Month for March and April… Angel Crafts Shop…

Thank you all for your generosity and support. We have managed to grow Becky´s adoption grant by a little bit in the last couple of months.

So it is time to meet another new child – introducing Timon!

13-year-old Timon awaits a family to help him achieve everything he can.

This 13-year-old boy is certainly a fighter. He went from being dependent on others for most things to being independent when he first entered care. Then when carers noticed the usually active boy slowing down, he had to go in for emergency surgery for enlarged ventricles and tumour removal. But he recovered well. After which, he went in for a second surgery to put in an external shunt at the site of where the tumour was. He bounced back from all that and is able to read and write. Although his speech is slightly slurred, you can see that this young boy is truly remarkable. And he needs a family to see past his hydrocephalus and see the potential he has, see what he can achieve if given the supportive, loving encouraging environment only a family can give.

Timon´s hope for a family to call his own is likely outside of his home country because of deep-seated social prejudice against disabilities and orphans. All this means an expensive international adoption.

His adoption grant with Reece´s Rainbow is currently at zero. i would like to change that and also get the word out there that this precious boy needs a family.

Would you help me?

You can help by shopping at Angel Crafts Shop in the months  of March and April. 50% of all sales goes to his adoption grant. You can share Timon´s story on social media and you can pray for him. 

Click on Timon´s name or picture to go to his profile page on Reece´s Rainbow.

Thank you.


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