Book Review: Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult…

This is not my first Jodi Picoult book… it is my 10th read by Picoult. However, i have only written 2 reviews on her books so far, mainly because i read the others before i started blogging or reviewing regularly.

So here’s my 3rd review of a Picoult book and i love it!

Now it was a difficult read because of the subject matter it deals with, however, she does a great job of telling the story of how a mother deals with her 5-year-old boy being sexually abused. And what makes it even more interesting is that this mother is a district attorney, who handles such cases in her job. So she knows the system, she knows how it works, she knows what young children have to go through if they were to get a conviction and she doesn’t want that for her boy.

The prologue gives an idea of what this mother might do in the name of getting justice for her boy so it was no surprise to me when she does it. But what follows certainly kept me reading and reading.

i don’t want to give anything away so i’ll just say that there are a few twists in there which are quite unexpected and the final spanner in the works really made me sit up.

This book not only explores what a mother would do, it also touches on a mix-up of traditional father-mother roles as well as how deep down we are all the same, we all want justice when injustice happens but how we get it is where the line is drawn; we never know what we would do until we are actually faced with the circumstances.

i also like the way the little boy has been given a voice in the story.  It is so important to hear from the victim and see his point of view of, not just of the “bad thing which happened to me”, but also of his view of the process which follows after.

i would definitely recommend this for when you are ready for a serious read with great storytelling.



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