JASON has a family!… It’s official!…

My last post about JASON in May told you that he was on a hosting program and would be with an American family in the US for the summer. i asked for prayers for him for a good host family and a wonderful experience, most of all, i asked that you pray that this hosting will lead to a forever family for him.

Well, it did!

Praise the Lord!

See those sweet words "My Family Found Me" :D
See those sweet words “My Family Found Me” 😀

And i have known now for a number of weeks that a family has been trying to get pre-approval for JASON. It is now official! They are on their way, as fast as they can get the paperwork processed.

Please continue to pray for Jason and his new family. Pray for a smooth, hassle-free paper-chase which will be completed in time. Pray that the Lord prepares Jason‘s heart for his very own family!

Thank you for being a part of JASON‘s journey to a forever family.

Stay tuned for the start of another journey with 2 more orphans who need our voices.


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