New Kids on Just Needing A Family’s Love…

You heard the good news; Jason has a family coming for him and of course last year we had the sad news that Jasper aged out. While i will always be praying for these boys (just like i pray for all the orphans we had previously advocated for), we need to move forward and help more precious children. So we have 2 new orphans we are advocating for and praying for. We, meaning my boy and i and you too!

Meet DEAN!

12 year old Dean needs a family to help him make the most of life.
12-year-old Dean needs a family to help him make the most of life.

Dean was brought to the institute when he was 5. He is now 12 years old. His special need is listed as mental delays which makes his exact condition unclear and i believe this may be what is stopping families from jumping in and committing to giving him a home. He has learnt much since being at the institute. He has good self-care skills and can even help with simple chores. Dean is described as an introverted child who gets along well with the other children at his institute and at school.

Whatever his specific need might be, it is clear that with a loving family around him and the right tools available to him, he will go far. He needs people who believe in him, he needs to find his people!

And you can help that caring family find him; you can share Dean’s story and need for a family. You can pray for him and for a family to step forward for him asap.

You can also help grow his adoption grant. Because of his “mental delays”, he is likely to be overlooked for domestic adoption within his country. So an expensive international adoption would be his best chance for a family to call his own. This grant which Reece’s Rainbow has opened for him will help the family who comes for him to reach him faster and make finances less of an obstacle to Dean getting a family.


Caroline is 12 and wants a family to call her own.
Caroline is 12 and wants a family to call her own.

Caroline also come into institutional care when she was about 5 years old. She is now 12 years old. She has Cerebral Palsy which affected her lower legs. After a surgery in 2013, she has been able to walk with only a slight limp. In school, she is just a little bit behind her peers because she had no early education before coming into care. Caroline is described as very easy-going with a positive attitude about everything she does.

Doesn’t she sound lovely? All she is lacking to make the most of life is a loving family who can help her to get all the possible care she needs and to show her that family means standing with each other.

You can help Caroline find her forever family! Share her story and her need for a caring family. You can pray for her and her family to step up for her asap.

You can also help grow her adoption grant. Like most special needs orphans in her country, she is considered an outcast and will unlikely be chosen for domestic adoption. An expensive international adoption might be the way to a forever family for her. Reece’s Rainbow’s adoption grant will enable a family to face a lesser financial hurdle when considering Caroline’s adoption.

There you are – 2 lovely children in need of wonderful families to help them navigate life better and to shine like the little stars they are.

Please join us in advocating for DEAN and CAROLINE, as well as praying for their daily needs and for a family for each of them.

You can click on their names or pictures to find out more. You can like my FB page, Just Needing A Family’s Love, to follow along and take part in fundraisers and other events for these precious kiddos.

Thank you.


JASON has a family!… It’s official!…

My last post about JASON in May told you that he was on a hosting program and would be with an American family in the US for the summer. i asked for prayers for him for a good host family and a wonderful experience, most of all, i asked that you pray that this hosting will lead to a forever family for him.

Well, it did!

Praise the Lord!

See those sweet words "My Family Found Me" :D
See those sweet words “My Family Found Me” 😀

And i have known now for a number of weeks that a family has been trying to get pre-approval for JASON. It is now official! They are on their way, as fast as they can get the paperwork processed.

Please continue to pray for Jason and his new family. Pray for a smooth, hassle-free paper-chase which will be completed in time. Pray that the Lord prepares Jason‘s heart for his very own family!

Thank you for being a part of JASON‘s journey to a forever family.

Stay tuned for the start of another journey with 2 more orphans who need our voices.



That’s right – MOVING!

If you have read our Christmas Letter, you would know that we bought a little apartment in our village. Move Day is 24th January!

So how’s the packing/moving progress? Slow :p

Can you guess which furniture shop we were at the most?
Can you guess which furniture shop we were at the most?

We have some stuff from the cellar shifted over and have spent the last couple of weeks shopping for a few new furniture items. It was fun shopping but not so fun paying for it … hehehee… but it will be worth it.

See our nice new beautiful white bookshelves?

So happy to see that first piece of furniture in the living room!
So happy to see that first piece of furniture in the new living room!

i also wanted to take this chance to say that because of the craziness which moving homes usually entails, i will not be online as much and decision such as adding a new orphan to my Just Needing A Family’s Love advocacy and new items to Angel Crafts Shop will take a backseat. i will still be online and keeping up with advocating for JASON as much as possible and will still process orders for Angel Crafts Shop but just in reduced capacity.

Please also note that Angel Crafts Shop will not be taking custom orders from 15th January till 25th January. Normal orders of ready-to-ship items will still be processed, but may be delayed by a day or two.

Thank you for your understanding. See you on the other side of the move!