Orphan of the Month for May… Angel Crafts Shop…

My Orphan of the Month for May is a sweet boy with a serious medical condition.

Meet Tanner Jay!

Tanner Jay is almost 10 and needs a loving family to help him get the medical care he so desperately needs.

Tanner Jay has a Congenital Heart Defect but his file does not tell us which heart defect exactly. However, it is serious enough that his lips are constantly blue. That is not a good sign; blue lips usually mean that his blood circulation is slow or his blood pressure is low. (i know because i have a CHD too) His fingers are also stumped and he is very small size for his age. All this points to the fact that he needs medical attention and he needs it as soon as possible.

Because of his orphan status, he is unlikely to get that much-needed medical care while he remains an orphan. And his medical condition means he is unlikely to be adopted within his own country due to the social stigma of being a “sickly boy”.

Tanner Jay is intelligent and learns very quickly; he can play a musical instrument after just two lessons. He can speak some English and has good self-care skills. He also gets along well with other children and wishes for an older brother.

He needs a family who can get him that medical attention as soon as possible. And it is most likely to be a family outside of his home country; which means lots of expensive paperwork and travel involved.

His adoption grant is currently at zero! With your help, i would like to get that to at least US$50.00 by the end of May. 

All purchases made at Angel Crafts Shop in the month of May will see 50% going to Tanner Jay‘s adoption grant. So come shop and help grow his adoption grant!

Please click on his name or picture to find out more about him. Please do pray for him and his daily needs and his health, most of all, pray for a caring family to come for him asap.

Thank you very much.


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