NEW Fimo Keyrings… Angel Crafts Shop…

Well, it has been a while since i last posted some new items on Angel Crafts Shop, the post about new Hairbow Holders was at the end of February!

i love keyrings; i think they are super in helping me find my keys when they have sunk to the bottom of my bag. All i do is feel around for that familiar shape (the Fimo shape) and Ta-da! Got the keys!

Keyrings make good gifts too – practical and you can have it personalised to make it extra special and unique to the donee (yes, that is a proper word – click on it to see definition).

So let’s show off the 6 new Fimo Keyrings! Click on the pictures to see more details.

20150505a_FIMO_bear_yellow 20150505a_FIMO_butterfly_purple 20150505b_FIMO_bird_blue 20150505b_FIMO_squareSflower_green 20150505c_FIMO_heartLove_pink 20150505c_FIMO_squareThankYou_brown

What do you think of the new keyrings? Any favourites? Please comment below to let me know if there would be any other shape or form you would like to see on a keyring.


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