NEW Hairbow Holders… Angel Crafts Shop…

Oooh… i am excited to share with you some new hairbow holders.

O.K. they are not exactly brand-new as in not crafted this week. They were crafted for my first Christmas market back in December. And now they are available online!

Hairbow Holders or Hairclip Organisers are really useful things. You clip all of your very lovely and adorable hairclips, hairbows, hairpins to the length of ribbon and hang the whole thing up on a wall, by your mirror or on your door. And there you have it – all your hair pretties at a glance and you can easily pick out the one which best matches your outfit for the day! Oh, there are also ones which you can personalise with a little photo 🙂

They are really quite fab and makes your room more colourful too. Here are a few of my favourites (click on the picture to go directly to see more of that particular hairbow holder):

20150224a_HH_dragonflyFrameheart_blueblue 20150224a_HH_rectFrameheart_redblue 20150224b_HH_dogFrameheart_purplepink 20150224c_HH_beeFrameheart_creamyellowchecks 20150224c_HH_birdheart_bluered

One of my friends said she may be using her Hairbow Holder for photos and notes as well. i think that is an absolute superb idea! Don’t you?

What else do you think you would use one of these Hairbow Holders for? Comment below!


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