Quiz Wednesday!… Angel Crafts Shop…

Today is Wednesday. But it is no ordinary Wednesday – it is QUIZ WEDNESDAY!

quizWednesday20150325As part of my 1st Anniversary Celebrations for Angel Crafts Shop, Quiz Wednesday will happen every Wednesday from today till 15th April 2015. Each Wednesday i will ask a question, specifically about Angel Crafts Shop or its products. The winner is the first person with the correct answer or a random winner, picked by Random.com – it depends on the type of question asked. The prize is a Free Shipping Voucher from Angel Crafts Shop.

Now here’s the catchparticipation is only on Angel Crafts Shop’s Facebook Page. So come on over to Angel Crafts Shop’s Facebook Page and take part! Remember to comment with your answer as well as email. If you do not comment with a valid email address, your answer will not be counted!

See you over on Angel Crafts Shop’s Facebook Page!


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