Lexi’s First Birthday…

Yesterday was Lexi’s first birthday and we held a little celebration a couple of days before we left for our holidays.

She is now 1 year old and has been with us for 10 months now. We enjoy having her around a lot! Such a little joy but sometimes, just sometimes, she can be stubborn and not obey instructions such as “come here”, “stop”, “heel” etc… just because she was distracted or wanted to chase something or was just being a teenage dog. Yep, she has hit doggy teen years – sigh!

You can look back on when she first joined our family and at 5 months old posts. You will see how she has changed in her looks and size.

Here are a few photos from her first birthday celebrations:


Thank You for Celebrating… Angel Crafts Shop…

My month-long birthday celebration for Angel Crafts Shop has ended!


Thank you for all the well-wishes and thanks to everyone who took part in the celebrations. It all happened and Angel Crafts Shop is still running because of YOU!

In the upcoming months, i will be looking at adding new items to the shop as well as looking into running some regular contests or giveaways. i am open to suggestions – so comment below or on Angel Crafts Shop Facebook Page to let me know what you would like to see in the shop or what type of contests you would like to take part in.

Do stay tuned for some exciting news!

Once again, THANK YOU!


$1 Item – 19 April 2015 + Last 2 Days… Angel Crafts Shop…

i apologise for this being so very late… the holidays have seriously knocked the wind out of me… it has been a very busy but enjoyable holiday but i´m paying for it now… battery running really low :p

Anyhow, the very last $1 item is now live and will remain until it is bought or till the 21st of April, marking the end of my 1st Anniversary celebrations!

So find Today´s $1 item and make your purchase!


Do also remember that my 21% storewide discount will end this coming Tuesday, 21st April. So take advantage of it and do some shopping!