Pause Custom Orders… Just For A While… Angel Crafts Shop…

As previously announced, we are moving. And because of the move, things at Angel Crafts Shop will slow down a little.

So please take note that Angel Crafts Shop will NOT be taking custom orders from TODAY (15th January 2015) till 25th January 2015. Orders of ready-made items will still be processed but may be delayed by a day or two. All normal business activities will resume as of 26th January 2015, including custom orders.

And now i want to show off my latest custom order, which is going out the door to the post office tomorrow 😉

pausecustomorders20150115What do you think of this custom order? Which items in this order has caught your eye?

If something has caught your eye, KIV it and place your order on 26th January!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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