Angel Tree 2014 – Orphan of the Month for November… Angel Crafts Shop…

Yep, that’s a very long title for a post – but i wanted to be sure to let you know that i’m talking about two things today.

First of all, it is the 1st of November!! Which means the start of Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree 2014! For the next 2 months, up till New Year’s Eve, advocates of these precious children will be fundraising BIG TIME for their chosen child.

The whole aim of this big event is to raise US$1000 for each of these orphan’s adoption grants and of course to give a huge push in building awareness of their needs, especially their need for a loving forever family.

My Angel Tree Child is also the boy my son and i have been praying for since the beginning of this year – it is JASPER

Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP - he ages out in 2 MONTHS!
Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP – he ages out in 2 MONTHS!

This is our last shot at helping JASPER to find a forever FAMILY and to grow his adoption grant.

Why? Because Jasper will be AGING OUT of his country’s adoption system in 2 MONTHS, that’s just 61 DAYS! After which he will be “unadoptable”. 😦

So we are going to give it our all and shout out loud for JASPER to have a family and grow his grant.

Why grow his grant? Because he is unlikely to be adopted domestically as he is a boy, older and has special needs which many in his home country deem to be a curse. His hope lies in international adoption which includes tons of expensive paperwork and travel expenses.

Is there still enough time for a family to reach him in time? YES! i have seen high-speed international adoptions done and i believe in miracles. Also, if a family is already adopting from his country and is approved for 2 kids but only bringing home 1, they can very quickly add him to their current paperwork and bring both kids home.

What if (i do not even want to think about this) he does not get adopted? Then he would face a hard life; forever an orphan, having to struggle to make a living with little to no skills or education, and being looked down upon and taken advantage of for the rest of his life because of his special needs.

What happens to his adoption grant if it is not used? It will channeled to another child. Reece’s Rainbow has very kindly said they would consult me and that i could consult you, my donors and supporters, as to which other child in their long list would benefit.

BUT let’s not get ahead of ourselves – let’s focus on the POSITIVE and WORK to help JASPER find a family and grow his grant.

The very first fundraiser i have planned is, of course, Angel Crafts Shop’s Orphan of the MonthJASPER who was our March/April Orphan of the Month is back one more time. Let’s try to get the Orphan of the Month giving to 3 digits – Okay?

Please help me make a difference for this sweet boy – make a PURCHASE on Angel Crafts Shop and help GROW his adoption grant. 

Also SHARE his story through as many channels as you can and with as many people as you can because somewhere out there is his forever family and they may just see him because you shared.

OH… if you feel led to simply give towards JASPER‘s adoption grant (without purchase from Angel Crafts Shop), see the link on the right which says ‘Click to Donate‘, simply click on that to give directly to JASPER‘s grant.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Do stay tuned for more exciting and interesting fundraisers through out November and December! Next one would be up and running on the 5th of November!


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