Orphan of the Month for December… Angel Crafts Shop…

Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP - he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.
Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP – he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.

JASPER is my Orphan of the Month for November and December because he is also my Angel Tree Child for this year’s big Christmas fundraiser over at Reece’s Rainbow.

i would like to let you know that we had one order in November and raised US$15 for JASPER‘s adoption grant. This has already been put into his grant which currently stands at US$8984.05.

i am also posting lots on my advocacy page and to other groups i know, to help share JASPER‘s need for a forever family. He has only 3 weeks left before he is “unadoptable”.

You can help!

  1. Do your Christmas Shopping  Angel Crafts Shop this month and contribute to JASPER‘s adoption grant.
  2. You can PRAY for JASPER – for a family to step up for him ASAP. For his well-being and his future.
  3. You can SHARE JASPER‘s need for a forever family.

You can read more about JASPER by clicking on his picture or name. That is also where you can contribute directly to his adoption grant if you feel led to.

Thank you very much.


2014 Angel Tree Auction…

This is my second fundraiser for JASPER!

i have joined up with several other Angel Tree Warriors (that’s what we call persons who have committed to help these special needs orphans grow their adoption grant this holiday season) and we have an online auction up and running. It will end on 6th December at 11pm (EST) [Swiss Time – 7th December 5am].

Lots of lovely items are up for bids. Each items benefits different children.

Please have a browse and see what might interest you. There is a good chance to get a bargain!

Each child’s profil page is linked under each item’s description so you can read more about the children.

To specifically support JASPER, please bid on items which say: “Benefits: JASPER” – there are a total of 23 items which benefits JASPER. They include charming jewelry pieces, dolls saving banks and art pieces!

Here’s a look at some of the items which benefits JASPER (click on the photos to be taken directly to the item’s auction page):

blackhair_kimmidoll bluecrystal_necklace brownpearl_earrings heartpendant_necklace kimmidoll_shoulderbag pink_braceletearrings roundpendant_necklace starfish_ringSo have a look and help us raise as much as possible for these precious children. Thank you.

You can also give directly to JASPER‘s adoption grant by clicking on his name and using the Donate button on his profile page.


Universal Children’s Day… Angel Crafts Shop…

Universal-Children-s-Day2014112020th November has been set aside by the UN as Universal Children’s Day – a day “devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the Charter and the welfare of the children of the world.” (Quote from UN website)

While much has been done in the last 25 years, there are still lots of children who are still in great need, who do not have a voice to make their needs known, whose rights are being ignored daily, whose lives are beyond hard.

Special needs orphans are some of those children. Angel Crafts Shop is set up to help some of these orphans grow their adoption grants. And this UN event to bring awareness to the welfare of the children around the world is significant for me. 

So in celebration, i am offering Free Shipping  until 30th November. Please browse through the shop and make a purchase and contribute to growing JASPER‘s adoption grant.

Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP - he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.
Jasper needs his forever family to step forward ASAP – he ages out on 1st Jan 2015.

Jasper is also my Angel Tree Child – i have committed to help grow his grant by US$1000 in the months of November and December. You can see on this FB page the other fundraising events i have for Jasper.

Please remember to use the Code “childrensday2014” when checking out from Angel Crafts Shop.

Thank you for your support.