Day 9 of 21 Days of Hope 2014…

hope21daysA couple of weeks ago i asked for your help to vote Jasper into 21 Days of Hope. Unfortunately Jasper didn’t get enough votes BUT… it’s okay. Because there are 21 precious kiddos who have a chance at a huge increase in their adoption grants and a whole lot more exposure during these 21 days and just maybe their forever family will find them.

For every $1000 raised for the Voice of Hope (which pays for administrative costs of running the Reece’s Rainbow orphan advocacy ministry), a child on this list of 21 will receive $2100 into their adoption grants. This generous contribution would greatly decrease the hurdles standing between them and their forever families.

Fundraising was going really well and the first 6 kiddos have had their adoption grants make that big jump. However we have fallen behind – Lynda, Emil and Jake have not met their goals. 

At time of writing, another US$418.91 and Lynda will receive that bump in her adoption grant. Can you help? Click on the picture in this post or this link to give to Voice of Hope and help a special needs orphan.

You can also share this post or this link so that more people can help.

Please help this ministry continue to be a voice for special needs orphans who do not have a voice of their own.

Thank you.


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