March Miracles… Reece´s Rainbow…

March is a special time for everyone who supports Reece´s Rainbow´s work; their work is to help bring awareness to the situation of special needs orphans, to show the world that these precious children need a loving family, help these families on their journey by providing a fundraising venue and bear witness to how that love can make such a difference to the life of a child and bring such joy to the family who opens their hearts and home and choose to love on a child who may not have known love otherwise.

Reece´s Rainbow is made up of mainly volunteers and a very small office, where they try to save as much as they can so every penny goes to the children. BUT administration costs are inevitable. 

So the 21 Days of Hope fundraiser from March 1st through to 21st March is to help raise funds for the Voice of Hope (VOH) fund which keeps Reece´s Rainbow running.

This year this fundraising effort will also help increase the grants of 21 waiting children.  See the list of children here. For every US$1000 raised for VOH, US$2100 will be added of one of the 21 children´s adoption grant!

Now here´s the challenge!

If US$1000 is raised for VOH *each day*, then the grant for the child of that day will be doubled!

So please help… CLICK HERE to give!

Thank you!


Day 9 of 21 Days of Hope 2014…

hope21daysA couple of weeks ago i asked for your help to vote Jasper into 21 Days of Hope. Unfortunately Jasper didn’t get enough votes BUT… it’s okay. Because there are 21 precious kiddos who have a chance at a huge increase in their adoption grants and a whole lot more exposure during these 21 days and just maybe their forever family will find them.

For every $1000 raised for the Voice of Hope (which pays for administrative costs of running the Reece’s Rainbow orphan advocacy ministry), a child on this list of 21 will receive $2100 into their adoption grants. This generous contribution would greatly decrease the hurdles standing between them and their forever families.

Fundraising was going really well and the first 6 kiddos have had their adoption grants make that big jump. However we have fallen behind – Lynda, Emil and Jake have not met their goals. 

At time of writing, another US$418.91 and Lynda will receive that bump in her adoption grant. Can you help? Click on the picture in this post or this link to give to Voice of Hope and help a special needs orphan.

You can also share this post or this link so that more people can help.

Please help this ministry continue to be a voice for special needs orphans who do not have a voice of their own.

Thank you.


21 Days of Hope 2014…

hope21daysThe annual 21 Days of Hope at Reece’s Rainbow will be starting on the 1st of March!

It’s a fundraising campaign which helps keep this wonderful ministry, which serves these precious children and the families who adopt them, running. It will help to cover costs such as website costs, administrative costs, office supplies, publicity to as many as possible etc.

This year they are making it Extra Special! Each day (March 1 – 21) they will feature a different waiting child and that child of the day will have a percentage of the funds donated that day to this campaign added to their adoption grant.

Here is where you can help NOW! For the next 5 days (February 24 – 28), we (you and i) get to vote for the child we wish to see highlighted in this campaign.

Simply click on this link (or the picture of the campaign), scroll down to where you can vote, click the drop-down box and select the name of the child you wish to vote for. There are lots of names there and you can read about each of them by entering their names into the search box on the top right hand side of the website.

i nominated Jasper (my Christmas Angel Tree 2013 Child) to be listed for consideration. So  i am asking you to please vote for Jasper to be part of the 21 Days of Hope Campaign. Click on his name to read more about him.

Jasper very much needs a family to love him just as he is and not to judge him as unworthy simply because of his special needs. He has less than 2 years for a family to reach him. If he remains where he is, he will be an outcast for his entire life. He will get lots of exposure by being a part of this campaign and that exposure could allow his forever family to see him. Please help by voting.

Thank you.