Day 27: Wesley Needs a Family… Forty to Forever…

Today at Forty to Forever it is for my sweet Wesley!! He will age out in less than 17 months! Please help… go over, make a donation, share his story and pray for him.
Today’s Lent devotion is a hard thing for me – patience and persistence… i probably have more persistence than patience but both are needed when we choose to walk with God. i’m so glad that Jesus has an overflowing measure of both which i can lean on and learn from… go have a read and think about it… syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $400 for Wesley… $239 to go! 

WesleyI first saw Wesley’s story when my son and I were trying to decide on a new prayer warrior child. My heart immediately went out to him. I came from an Asian society too, just like him. And I understood what it meant for him to look so different, to stand out so much. My heart absolutely ached when I read that his family left him when he was 6 years old! He had already known what a family meant. I don’t know why his family had to leave him but I do know he must have been so hurt and sad.

But despite this major trauma, he maintains a sweet disposition. He is said to have a gentle temperament and is polite and sensible. He has no problems getting along with others.

Like most children, he likes to…

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