Day 21: Tobias for the Quiambao Family… Forty to Forever…

Today at Forty to Forever we are rallying around the Quiambao family who is already in country to pick up their 2 precious boys and one of them will share the same name as my little boy… they are there to bring home Tobias Asher 😉 But their other little guy is ill and they are now expected to visit him in a far away hospital and pay his medical expenses which were not totally unexpected but it will certainly stretch an already tight budget… please help them.
Today’s Lent Devotion shows us how to run the long distance God has called us to run… we need to be soled with His Word! Have a read and then go read, soak in, drink in, absorb the Word of God… syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $500 for Tobias… $317 to go!

Tobias 2The Quiambao family is in travelling in country now meeting their children!  They are adopting two adorable boys, Tobias and Josiah.  Here is part one of their amazing story, come back tomorrow for part two!
“We knew as soon as we saw a baby boy known as Fletcher on Reece’s Rainbow that he belonged in our family. I cannot explain it, I had looked at and loved so many little ones as we’ve prayed over the years. This was different, it was like looking at a picture of my child. I excitedly showed the newly listed page to my husband to scroll through, telling him that I thought our baby was on there but not pointing out Fletcher in particular. I wanted him to be fully convinced without my swaying.
As he scrolled through the many sweet faces, he…

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