Day 11: Matthias for the Mitchell Family… Forty to Forever…

Day 11 at Forty to Forever – help the Mitchell Family bring Matthias home!! We almost named Tobias, Matthias – both names mean God is Good! And indeed God is Good! But you are his hands and feet, so please go over and help the Mitchells.
Today’s Lent devotion asks us whether we would want yesterday’s spoiled leftover food or today’s yummy feast or tomorrow’s smells of possible food. Have a read and you can decide for yourself… syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $500 for Matthias and Lina… $178 to go!

AlvinI am so excited to share this wonderful family with you today!  The Mitchell family first began their adoption for a little boy named Adam.  They were almost fully funded and doing well in fundraising to bring their son home.

Adam is not in a good orphanage.  He is almost 6 years old and weighs just 16 pounds. He has hydrocephalus and just received a shunt this past September, after over 5 years of agonizing pain.  In the midst of trying to get their adoption expedited to get him the medical care and nutrition he desperately needs, they made the commitment to bring home a second son – Matthias.  This means they are now crunched for time to finish their fundraising efforts.

Matthias was recently transferred to a group home at nearly six years of age… In…

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