No Longer Jagged Edges…

The other day i stood at the traffic lights, opposite a train station which i have seen lots of over the last 9 years. It suddenly occurred to me, “The lines and edges of the building are not as stark as they used to be.”

You know how when you go to a new place, the buildings and surroundings stand out a lot more than usual. They seem to pop out from the background. That’s how i feel whenever i go to a new place. It is like the pages of a new book, fresh and crisp. Over time as you read the book, the edges of the pages fray a little and become softer. How our perception can change over time too.

But there is one thing in this country which has not changed for me, the mountains still take my breath away. And i hope that will never change. Here’s a lovely picture of the mountains in Switzerland:

View from Mürren, Switzerland

Have a great weekend.


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