Perfect Hash Browns…

English: Rösti, the Swiss potato dish.

Mid-Week Blues – so i thought i talk about some comfort food.  My daddy used to make a full English breakfast each Sunday for us – eggs, sunny-side up, sausages and hash browns. Now the hash browns were normally a treat. i do so love a good English breakfast, especially with hash browns.

i had bookmarked this blog entry from the2GoodEggs a couple of weeks ago, with the intention of trying it out myself first before blogging about it. But i haven’t got round to it and from the way my calendar has been marked up for the next week or so, it will be a while till i get round to making this. So i’ll share it with you first.

It’s a simple thing – Hash Brown – yes? Just grated potato squished together and pan-fried – right? i thought so. Till i tried making my own while at uni. Didn’t quite turn out the way i imagined. Of cos, those were the days when it was my first time living away from home and of cos my skills in the kitchen were not as horned as they are now. (That’s not to say i’m an expert now – just improved.)

i haven’t make hash browns since. Then i found this recipe and am inspired to try again (i will get to making it.).

One thing which drew me to this recipe is that instead of trying to make the hash browns MacDonald-shaped, she used the pan to shape it and then cut it into the size she wanted.  My previous attempts failed cos i was trying to get the mess of grated potato to retain a specific shape.

The other thing is that when the potatoes are all in the pan, frying, it looks like Rösti, which is a local Swiss dish, one which has made itself well-known as a typical Swiss dish around the world. When we moved here, i bought myself a recipe book of traditional Swiss foods from the different regions here. The recipe for making traditional Swiss Rösti is a little complicated. It requires one to grate and allow potatoes to sit overnight. Too much work for me.

This recipe from the2GoodEggs however is so simple and hot potatoes are always so yummy. Go it a try.

How to make the perfect Hash Browns | TwoGoodEggs.


4 Replies to “Perfect Hash Browns…”

  1. I tried making hashbrowns once. It wasn’t pretty. I just may find that I can use that recipe of yours though, it sure does sound easy!

    My dad used to make what was called “eggs in the nest” every Sunday night. I so miss those days.


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