2012…A New Year…

A New Beginning

Old Blog - Wir Sind Auslandern

The blog previously known as  ‘Wir sind Ausländern!! – regarding the misadventures of a Singaporean family in Switzerland’ is relaunched as…


Here’s a little about the transitition.

Why trippingdifferently?

1st of all, living away from our home country has really brought differences & the meaning of being different to the forefront of our thoughts.

2nd, tripping as defined by dictionary.com:
1. light and quick, as a step or pace,
2. proceeding with a light, easy movement or rhythm.

There are days when it seems that life is like this – smooth & carefree.

Tripping comes from the noun ‘trip’ which is defined as:
1. a journey or voyage

Which is something we are all on – everyday trips, life’s journey.

but it is also defined as:
5. a stumble; misstep.

Far too often, the feeling of constantly falling over one’s feet overtakes us as we try to make sense of the things/situations/people we face daily.

As with all travels, there are ups & downs, there are laughs & tears… we hope to share some of these from our daily life in a different country, different culture; share about our loves & joys, sorrows & dislikes; share about being different & appreciating (or lamenting) those differences.

So come tripping along 😉

Here’s wishing all of you a very Blessed New Year & have a Fulfilling 2012. May it be a wonderful year filled with big and small surprises & good times with family & friends & good health.


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