Catching up on January 2011…

 Well, now it’s time to play catch up… having not written for 4 months… once you have read all the catch up posts, you will understand why…

So January was highlighted with 2 major events for us… our 1st ski trip of the season & major illnesses…

We took advantage of the New Year holidays & the fact that school didn’t start till 10th Jan & went up to Mürren, in central Switzerland. We go there every year, mainly because Walter’s distant Uncle runs a Chinese restaurant up there & we can get great authentic YUMMY Chinese food! Of course, it is also a beautiful ski resort in its own right. Check out the official website here.

It was a nice quiet 3 days, 2 nights – just us 3! We have never done a ski holiday that is just us. We have mostly chosen to do ski holidays with friends or family. It’s just more fun that way… but i must say it was a good change of pace this time.

Here’s Tobias trying to get his "ski-legs":

He also tried ice skating for the 1st time – i must say he was really quite good. Here he is standing & going around the ring by himself after only about 30mins of me holding his hand.

& here is us with Uncle Tham & Auntie Tham, the people who feed us so very well when we are up there 😉
Now the 2nd major event for us was Tobias getting Chicken Pox & me falling seriously ill – all while Walter was away in Toronto, Canada!
i have always wanted Tobias to catch Chicken Pox when he is little because i had it as a teen & it was no fun at all! i was right. He got the pox but it wasn’t as itchy for as i remembered it was for me. In fact, he was having an extra holiday 😉
Here he is, soaking in a Bicarbonate of Soda bath – it is said to help with the itchies:
Does this look like a little boy who is ill?
From my own experience, i had expected him to be more ill – but he wasn’t. i had over-prep, so i still have 2 bottles of Bicarb left & Menthol Powder & itchy cream & drops – so if anyone needs to get through the heat wave we are currently having (actually it has gone cool here today) , you are welcome to come get some from me 😉
Well, anyhow on the day the doc said he could go back to school, i fell seriously ill – till this day i don’t know with what, likely to have been just a very very bad flu. i had very high fever (hit 40 i think, not sure, i was so out of it). My hubby was away – so my poor boy had to step up & try to help – he was very good & very sweet, bringing mummy water & listening well to instructions. My fever stayed for about 4 days & finally started going down on the 4th day & i eventually managed to recover over the weekend. Still can’t get it straight how i managed to get him off to school in the morning & kept him & myself fed! i remembered sending him to Mittagstisch for 2 days (that’s lunch-table where kids can have lunch if their parents are working or unable to pick them up straight after school or not home for them at that time).
So those were the events which marked January 2011 for us.

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