Tobias’ 1st Stitch…

That’s right – it was going to happen sooner or later & here we are sooner rather than later: He got his 1st stitch for a minor cut on his head.

So how did it happen?

Well, he was invited early this morning (Sat, 20th Oct 2010) to a birthday party at the indoor playpark in our town. So we rushed to get presents (it was a set of twins who were celebrating their birthdays). Then he was there at the party at 2pm. Off mummy & daddy went for some alone time together (happy about that, even if it’s just 2 hrs). We arrived back to pick him up. i asked him to go look for the twins to say goodbye. They were playing with the other kids in the giant lego block area. He went round the walls they had built. We didn’t see him for a little while & then we see the kids coming up to the netting & saying, "It’s Tobias!" So i calmly walked down, thinking he must have fallen over again. It was then that i see the twins’ father coming out with him & all the kids in tow. Blood down one side of his face & neck – not as bad as it sounds.

Thank God the twins’ father is a Pediatrician. We found the source of his bleeding – a 1cm cut on his head. Head wounds always bleed more than the seriousness of the injury. Anyhow, we said we would take him to get stitches. He said we should just follow him to his clinic which was at the hospital. So we did. There u have it – that’s how Tobias got his 1st stitch.

For those who can bear it, here a picture of the wound after a staple-stitch:

Also when we got home, i got the story from Tobias as to what injured him:
He was behind the giant Lego brick wall the other kids had built & was crawling away from the wall when one of the other kids pushed the wall & it fell on him. The edge of one of the blocks must have cut his head.

He’s fine now – was fine immediately after receiving his little toy for being brave at the clinic. He was at first very very horrified that his head was going to be stapled & cried loudly at the thought of it. With Daddy holding him on his lap & me holding his face, we talked him into calming down & it was done.

My poor little guy – now we pray for a quick recovery & that he does not scratch or injury it again. Once again, we thank God that it was not a serious cut.

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