Spring Forward, Crazy Weather…

That’s right Spring Forwards – daylights savings change over – we went forward 1 hour last night. So it is OFFICIAL – Spring Is Here!
Actually my Swiss calendar says that Spring’s official arrival was last weekend & this weekend we move the clocks forwards.

Here’s a little picture of lovely pink blossoms to welcome spring (taken with my Palm One):
This is one the many trees now in bloom which we walk pass each morning going to kindergarten.

Here’s a little Swiss German saying about the weather:
"April, April, Sie macht, was sie will"
"April, April, she will do what she wants to"

This saying is so very very true: the Spring weather has been a little crazy lately & it looks to continue to be for a while.
Temps have been swinging up & down between above 15 degrees & the 5 degrees region – changing from week to week – last week was lovely, sunny & warm, above 15 even reaching high 20s & this coming week it looks like it’s going to be rain & drop to below 10.

April Showers here we come 😉

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