We All Live In a Yellow Submarine…NO – Yellow DUCKmarine…

That’s what Tobias likes to sing since we went to Liverpool at the beginning of September. So after all that moving & new school business, we took a short 5-day holiday to Liverpool – 3rd – 7th September 2009.

We took the opportunity of Walter’s University’s Alumni event & made a holiday of it. We deserved it after a tiring summer packing, moving & unpacking.

Here’s the famous Liver Building with the Liver Bird on top of it:

Here’s the real reason why Walter loves Liverpool so much 😉 (To my old friend Gordon – if u are reading this, these are just for you!)

Tobias completely enjoyed himself this trip – he loved it enough to ask to go back again – one of the reasons i believe is cos he got to sleep on this bed with the TV in front of him (of cos no TV when it was sleep time)

We’ve been to Liverpool a few times before (never for more than a day stopover) but have never met with such strong winds (i think if i remember it correctly was more than 50miles an hour). We had such fun walking against the wind & letting it blow us back :p

While Walter went for his uni alumni thingy, Tobias & myself headed to Underwater Street – thinking it was some sea/water creatures discovery place – but it wasn’t – it was a mini science centre – not great but interesting enough for a morning. It needed to be better maintained but as Walter informs a lot of things in the UK need to be better maintained.
Here’s Tobias trying to get himself "wrapped" in bubble:

There was panning for gold, optical illusions, physic-type experiments, art & even dress up:
Here’s Tobias & myself as Little Miss Sunshine & Little Master Sunshine 😉

Here’s Tobias the Bobby (Policeman):

Now this is the reason why Tobias sings Duckmarine & not Submarine:

We went on the Duckmarine tour – it was really quite fun – i had great difficulty understanding our very funny & sweet guide’s accent – but still it was a good tour. Tobias of cos loved the parts where we went into the water & came out of the water.
We were there just in time for the 40th Annversary of the Beatles! So there were a few events (we did not go) & a lot of TV shows about it. i learnt a fair bit i must say.

Oh here’s my favourite English street sign:

i like how camera is illustrated!

We ventured a little further out as we rented a car – so we went to Chester – it’s a lovely little town – lots lots of history with many buildings still preserved & the walk along the walls of the city is also very interesting with lots of info provided along the way.
Here’s a street in Chester:

We also went up to Southport – the beach resort town. Very nice. Very like the English beach resorts i used to read about in the story books.
This is the famous Southport pier – it’s a lovely walk out there.

This is our favourite shop in Southport – it sells traditional English sweets – you know, the fudge, the hard-boiled sweets, the lollies etc… :p YUMMY!

This is our only family shot of the whole trip ;D

Oh & Tobias had enomous fun at a miniature Rail/Train park – he kept running up & down following the trains. The people who run the place even made a little quiz for visitors – where u had to spot things like "What colour is the tractor in the red barn?" etc…

Another highlight of the trip was the food! We got our English pub food (at Chester) – delicious! Also our take-away Chinese as well as Chinese at a proper Chinese Restaurant. We even got a sampling of Tesco Express – not great but good when u are in a fix.

What has made this trip for me is the goodies we came away with – of cos lots of food: English sauages, chips (in flavour u can’t get here), English pies, Chinese food etc…
i spent £42 on myself & got 3 long-sleeved tops, 1 dress, 1 pair of Crocs. Tobias got 2 pants for under £10. So all in all it costed us less than CHF150 for 5 items of clothings & 1 pair of shoes – it would never be like that here.
The highlight for Walter was simply being there & showing off to his son when he had the best time of his life 😉

So it looks like we will be returning there soon … might even make it an annual thing…

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